Winston Churchill was right, according to "American" automaker Jeep??

When discussing the notion of “mutual shaping” in the classroom, I discuss a paper by my mentor, Tom Gieryn about buildings (“what buildings do” in Soc Theory). I open lecture/discussion with the famous quote from Winston Churchill “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” (from a speech in 1944 when the House of Commons was completed), which has recently been transformed and used in a rather “tough” commercial from Jeep brand (sprinkled with some blatant patriotism) here that claims:

“The things we make, make us”

Seems like “mutual shaping” makes for good advertising …

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About Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sociology, Environmental Studies, and Science and Technology Studies at Penn State, Nicholas mainly writes about understanding the scientific study of states and, thus, it is namely about state theory. Given his training in sociology and STS, he takes a decidedly STS-oriented approach to state theory and issues of governance.

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