Ahhh…Seriously again? On “How French Postmodernism ‘Ruined the West'”


We are living in a time of intellectual fights. As STSers, we sometimes feel like being pushed back into the 1990s, only that the strange debates we had back then on “Science as Practice and Culture” have made it onto the streets and into mainstream media. Sure, we have expressed many times that we love science and love technology and today we join (and even practically and intellectually lead) the “march for science”. But the shortcut “post…” -> “relativism” -> “danger” seems to be still in place. A recent piece on HOW FRENCH “INTELLECTUALS” RUINED THE WEST: POSTMODERNISM AND ITS IMPACT, EXPLAINED argued for that – again. We’ve written about postmodernism many times, even in a 1, 2, 3 set of posts, so there is – intellectually – not a lot to add to that nonsense. But maybe it is time to take that, well, personal again: If that attitude is still a guidance for the modern, for the west, maybe we should have ruined it when we had the chance. Or, if that sounds too offended, why we obviously never had the chance to do so.

5 thoughts on “Ahhh…Seriously again? On “How French Postmodernism ‘Ruined the West'”

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  3. sounds like the makings of a good case study for our current platform capitalism clusterfucks


  4. This post caused some irritations due to the way facebook handles reblogging: it looked as if we share the authors (strange) ideas. I updated the post to reflect that (and I hope it does not get republished again and again and produces even more traction for the initial post).


  5. would be good to have an STS/ANT style bit of research in how little agreement/understanding is reached in a lecture-class (or even seminar) about the texts/ideas taught and put this sort of nonsense to rest where it belongs fertilizing the soil.


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